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Aug 25-Sep 25

   Sep 27th

New Beginnings    
Applying for City of Baltimore Careers Click Here Click Here
Get M.A.D.! (Motivation Ambition Drive)   Click Here
How to Write a Compelling Resume Click Here  
Interviewing Essentials & Mock Interviews Click Here  
Jobs that Don't Require a HS Diploma or College Degree Click Here  
Your Rights as an Applicant and Employee Click Here  
Conquering Barriers to Employment    
Criminal Record Expungement & Workforce Transistion Post-Incarceration   Click Here
Recovering from Involuntary Employment Separation & Addressing Employment Gaps Click Here  
Transportation Options - How Do I Get to Work? Click Here  
Performance Testing, Security Clearances, Bonding & Credit Click Here  
The Balancing Act: Managing Work & Personal Responsibilities   Click Here
Workplace Essentials    
Customer Service & Recovery   Click Here
Wear It Well - What to Wear and What Not to Wear Click Here  
Effective Communication Skills Click Here  
Oh No You Didn't  (Professional Conduct)   Click Here
Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking Click Here  

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